Delivery Details

A lot of times clients want to know how & what the delivery process is when their container arrives. Patriot Containers takes a lot of pride in using drivers that are friendly & also skilled with doing the job right.

A good driver is more than just a delivery person, this is the person actually picking up your container that will be on your business or personal property.
Over the years we’ve acquired a team of drivers that actually inspect your container or containers for the following 3 things.

1. Check for holes.
2. Walk the flooring.
3. Check doors to make sure they open, close & seal.

Those 3 things are the functionality of what of you need out of a container. Patriot Containers job is for you to choose the right container you want to see sitting on your property (please view our container section to see what options you have)

Our drivers are affordable & worth every penny. Over the years I’ve learned that their job is not easy and at times can be very tense when delivering these huge heavy metal boxes weighing 5000-8000+ lbs.

Below are a few videos to see the process of unloading a container.